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The team at Seacon UK have a combined experience of over forty years working within the field of logistics. During this time they have been faced with a wide range of logistical problems and tight deadlines and have always met their clients’ requirements, time and again.

Company Director Tony Simpson has dedicated his career to logistics and his free time to Motorsport. Over time he has been able to combine work and pleasure by helping fellow motorsport enthusiasts to transport their vehicles all over the World. As word spread, Seacon UK expanded its operation from individuals’ cars to entire teams competing in motorsport race and rally events around the world, regularly working with motorsport teams to schedule the transportation of vehicles and equipment within tight deadlines.

Mike Brewer – “Tony and the Seacon team have helped me out on more than one occasion, moving cars and parts all over the world. Great service and they never let me down.”

When business partner and Director, Brian Diggle added his experience to the company, Seacon UK expanded into other sectors including media and events, alcohol and food, fashion and textiles and general goods.

Through knowledge, experience and a network of global connections, Seacon UK can meet any logistical requirements. The team believe this starts with good communications, so give them a call today and find out if they can help you with your logistic needs.

Call: +44(0)151 548 3098

First time importer?

Importing goods can be overwhelming for the first time importer. Understanding the law, processes and even the terminology can add time and costs that a startup business does not need. Seacon UK have a great deal of experience working with new businesses and first time importers and can guide you every step of the way, helping you to understand the processes and create your own import schedules.


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