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Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery

Categories: Alcohol and food

The Brooklyn Brewery company started out in 1984 when company founder, Steve Hindy returned from the middle east where he had been introduced to home brewing. By 1988, Steve had turned his idea into a reality when the first cases of Brooklyn Brewery beer came off the production line.

Brooklyn BeerThe company changed hands in 2003 and it was now big enough to start distributing their products worldwide. It was around this time that Seacon UK became involved by importing the beer into the UK, where it was then handled by a UK distributor.

This was Seacon UK’s first steps in importing alcohol and the company have gained invaluable experience working with Brooklyn Brewery.

Although still operating independently, Brooklyn Beer was acquired by global beer giants Carlsberg who continue to take advantage of Seacon’s expertise and have since expanded operations with them.

Brooklyn Brewery building