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Mike Brewer - Wheeler Dealers

Wheeler Dealers

Wheeler Dealers Trading Up! is a British TV series produced for the Discovery Channel in the UK.

The show is presented by car enthusiast Mike Brewer who searches out classic cars in need of repair in order to restore and sell them on, making a profit.

Currently in its 14th series, the show originally focused on standard cars commonly available in the UK, such as the Mini or Ford Escort, however, as more series were made, the scope of cars changed. Still in the UK, Mike sought out more expensive, rare or obscure cars.

With more series planned and UK vehicles exhausted, Mike and the TV production team looked overseas for fresh challenges. The production company contacted Seacon UK, by recommendation, with the task of shipping vintage, classic and rare cars from country to country for Mike to sell on. Mike Brewer and the TV production team were both delighted with the speed and ease at which Seacon UK were able to achieve this.


Mike Brewer –
“Tony and the Seacon team have helped me out on more than one occasion, moving cars and parts all over the world. Great service and they never let me down.”

Wheeler Dealers Porsche

Wheeler Dealers MG