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Vehicle shipping transportation

Seacon UK’s extensive experience of vehicle shipping has earned them the position of go-to company for collectors and companies throughout the UK

Companies, collectors and private individuals requiring expert help importing or exporting a vehicle have been choosing Seacon UK for over a 14 years. During that time, Seacon UK have shipped a wide variety of vehicles including:

  • Motorbikes
  • Classic / Vintage cars
  • Cars purchased overseas
  • Sports cars
  • Show cars
  • F1 cars
  • Rally cars
  • Military vehicles
  • A tank!

Why Seacon UK?

When considering transporting a vehicle, there are several points to consider. Will the car be securely packaged? Are there any import / export costs or legal issues to consider? How will the vehicle be transferred from port to door? Seacon UK can offer answers and solutions to all vehicle transporting issues and have been helping individuals and companies for many years.

One client Seacon UK work with regularly are the production team behind TV’s ‘Wheeler Dealers‘ programme.

Seacon UK Director, Tony Simpson: “We are big fans of Mike Brewers ‘Wheeler Dealers’ television series and when Mike’s production company approached us to get involved in several projects it was a pleasure and as you can imagine great fun working with Mike. Over the years you know when a message pops up from Mike it’s going to be an interesting project to get involved with.

Mike Brewer - Wheeler Dealers

Mike Brewer – “Tony and the Seacon team have helped me out on more than one occasion, moving cars and parts all over the world. Great service and they never let me down.”

Seacon UK’s car moving team can help with single car moves and multi-car requirements, both nationally and internationally. With experience and dedication, you can be assured your vehicles are in safe hands and will be delivered safely and on time.

Seacon UK are regularly challenged with special requirements for vehicle movements but they have yet to disappoint. Tight deadlines, fragile classic cars, odd sizes, odd shapes, Seacon UK can find a solution to all vehicle shipping challenges. Seacon UK thrive on challenges and have the skills, experience and contacts required to ensure your vehicles are delivered safely and on time.


Give Seacon UK a call or drop them a line via their contact form and one of their team will come right back to you.

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