Container Sales

Modified container for container sales

Seacon UK offer a container sales service for standard shipping purposes or for modification

Whether you are looking to buy containers, sell containers or modify containers, Seacon UK can help with the transaction, delivery or collection and with any modifications you may require.

One area of growth for Seacon UK over the last few years has been container modification. Containers are made to standardised specifications, enabling them to be moved and transported relatively easily. Standard containers are big enough to be converted for use as temporary buildings, storage or even sophisticated workshops. These mobile conversions can be used within a wide variety of temporary situations, or in some cases even permanent.

Some of the projects Seacon UK have undertaken have included the modification of containers for use as temporary offices, mobile shops, bars and coffee shops and mobile workshops. Whatever your project goals, Seacon UK working alongside their engineering partners can make it happen. As well as being structurally modified, containers can be decorated with custom paint jobs or company livery.

For delivery and collection, Seacon UK operate a purpose built truck, adapted to lift and carry standard containers, removing the need for a crane.