Importing goods from Asia, China and the Far East

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Importing goods from Asia, China and the far east is easy with Seacon UK

Will you be importing goods from Asia, China and the far east?

China and other countries in Asia and the far east region of the world manufacture many of the items we rely on in the UK such as electrical goods and in particular clothing. New companies within the fashion industry rely on goods imported from the far east to make their business viable.

Seacon UK have been working within Asian and far eastern markets for many years and have gained a comprehensive knowledge of how their networking, logistics and laws work. This knowledge is highly beneficial to you when looking to make contacts in the far east region and start importing goods that have been designed back in the UK. The Fashion and Textile sector is one area that Seacon UK excel in.

One company who has benefited from this knowledge is major sportswear brand Gymshark who had regular consignments of sports clothing shipped into the UK.

Many people who are new to importing goods from Asia, China and the far east are often caught out by high charges when their good arrive in the UK. Seacon UK can help by making all costs clear from the start, enabling you to budget for any unexpected or additional expenses.

This budgeting knowledge was crucial to Gymshark and well as several other companies who use Asia and the Far East region as their manufacturing and supply hub. Read the Gymshark case study here.

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Seacon UK regularly handle both sea and air freight from the Far East region so why not see if they can help you save time and money and keep the flow of your goods moving into the UK.

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