Logistics by sea, air and road

Seacon UK are an independent logistics specialist working hard to find the fastest and most cost effective way to move your goods to or from anywhere in the world.

Logistics in a business sense is a term that describes the management and movement of goods and equipment from the point of origin to the destination point. In simple terms this describes the forwarding and transportation of goods, but it also encompasses the complex management of schedules, payments and legal documentation required to do so.

Seacon UK combine many years’ experience with a global network of partner companies and connections to complete any logistics projects. Seacon UK find the most cost effective solutions on the market by negotiating directly with shipping lines and airlines.

Anything from individual items to bulk consignments can be shipped and managed by the Seacon UK team via land, sea or air.

Why choose Seacon UK for your logistical requirements?

  • Combined 40 year’s expereince
  • Extensive knowledge of import / export
  • Partners and contacts throughout the shipping world
  • Valuable advice for first time importers
  • Goods monitored through to delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Comprehensive logistics services

New to importing?

Importing goods can be expensive and complex; many first time importers are caught out by a minefield of legalities and unexpected charges. Seacon UK are highly experienced and enjoy sharing that experience by helping their clients to import goods on time and within budget, with no nasty surprises. All potential problems and costs are discussed before you commit.

Find out more on our New to importing page.


Specialised Logistics Services

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Case studies

To see some examples of the kind of work Seacon UK carry out and the solutions they have found for other clients, take a look at the Case Studies page.

From the time of your order placement to the final delivery, Seacon UK are in complete control of your freight.

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