New to importing?

new to importing

Seacon UK can help all first time importers navigate through the complexities of customs, taxes and the costs involved in importing and exporting goods.

Goods outside of the EU

Importing goods into the UK is highly complex and new importers could risk failing to comply with the law or paying more than they need.

To import goods from outside of the EU, you will need to acquire an EORI number from the government. The EORI can take about 3 days to arrive and it is required before your goods can clear customs, so this is worth bearing in mind.

Your goods should have a commodity code and be declared to customs. Unlike EU imports, there is import duty to pay on goods imported from outside the EU. The exact amount will depend on what you are importing and the country of origin.

shipping containers in port

The UK Government’s rules for import tariff and the process for declaration are incredibly complex and often difficult for new importers. Tariffs differ depending on what products you are importing and which country they have come from.

Due to this level of complexity, new importers and often established importers rely on the services of a qualified and experienced freight forwarder. This is where Seacon UK can help.

With over forty years experience, the team at Seacon UK have a full and comprehensive understanding of all the complexities of importing goods from both EU and non EU countries and can assist with payments and forms and in most cases will do the paperwork on your behalf.

Seacon’s expertise is invaluable to new importers. As well as ensuring your imports comply with UK law, they can also ensure that you do not accidentally overpay duty, tariffs or VAT. Seacon UK will also ensure that you are offered either the quickest or the most cost effective solution for transporting your goods from port to port or even door to door.

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